Welcome Back

We are back in progress.  You may know this site as IVGM (Interview Game Makers).  After shutting that site down, I have been wanting to start it back up again.

For those of you who didn’t know of IVGM: it was a site that interviewed upcoming and well known game developers trying to get interesting facts and new/secret information on upcoming games.

Along with the “rebirth” we bring a new name: Interviewing the Game Making Universe

So, the main point of this blog was to say: We are back in business.

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5 Comments on “Welcome Back”

  1. Haha, looks good. Glad to see you got the site back up; I’d (almost) forgotten about it. 🙂

  2. ninjutsu63 Says:

    I remember this. I’m really glad you’ve restarted it.

  3. Broxter Says:

    Yeah I hope this is as good as it was before.

  4. xot Says:

    Hey, nice site! I love reading interviews of people in the community. I found you thanks to Broxter’s tweet. I hope you’ll consider a Twitter account to supplement your blog.

    That header is amazing looking. Who made it?

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